Future Beacon

Smart - Tee Pants

I am too clever for my own good

I don’t tolerate fools and maybe I should!

I recently argued with my doctor

I belittled her - - I even mocked her

I declared myself - impervious to harm

Despite her advice - “You’ll buy the farm!”

I ate what I wanted in prestigious amounts

Without a worry as my weight and BP mounts

I ordered no food - unless it was fried

If my doctor asked - well, I lied

I was far too smart for such advice

I ordered whiskey and soda - - lots of ice

To my irritation and dismay

Common ailments came my way!

I was due to have a series of tests

Luckily I’m cerebrally blessed

The smart-allick doctors tried and tried

I was in denial - so I denied!

What happen? Well, I died!

Tom D.