Growth Capitalism
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Chapter 9
The Growth Party


James Adrian

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      Improved capitalism is the inevitable economic system, whether named Growth Capitalism, or New Capitalism, or simply Free Enterprise.

      The goal of promoting a form of capitalism that works for everybody is worthy and practicable. Your input and advocacy is important, regardless of your country or political affiliation. Our aim is to establish a Growth Party in every possible venue. It all starts with communication.

      Growth Party members have good reason to believe that their frame of mind and outlook furthers the best interest of humanity. If prosperity is to be optimized, some aspects of existing economic behavior need to be ameliorated. Certainly, there is no place for political corruption or criminality of any kind. Crime is not just another business. It is an injury to humanity. Just as importantly, it is well worth recognizing that many choices that adversely affect prosperity stem from false beliefs, resentments, and unfortunate attitudes. Belief in the zero-sum theory, short sightedness, valuing simplicity over completeness, ignoring or dismissing the possibility of simultaneous solutions, desiring power over others, resenting some types of people, preferring contest over cooperation, cultivating a warlike emotionality, and failing to care about the wellbeing and happiness of the human race all diminish prosperity. They may even lead to our extinction.

      We must help investors and entrepreneurs stop confusing simultaneous solutions with altruism and self sacrifice. It is the most intense self interest that produces increased profits for oneself through farsighted measures.

      I hope that all members will learn to deal with attacks, whether political or personal, without returning comments of the same kind. This will do more to spread our outlook than any amount of mathematics.

      I think that everybody is better off if everybody else is better off. If you also believe this, please join the party. People of initiative don't merely let circumstances happen. They themselves happen to circumstances.