Future Beacon


From The Beginning

James Adrian

Table of Contents


    Chapter A         Cognitive Foundations of Counting and Calculating

    Perceptions, Terms, and Definitions     Basic Perceptions and Terms     A Few Rules of Inference     Containment     Axioms     Order

    Chapter B         Creating Numbers

    Strings     Concatenations     One-To-One Correspondence     Integer Sets     Integers     Set Size

    Chapter C         Integer Arithmetic

    Operations and Expressions     Sum and Difference of Integers     Time     Multiplication of Integers
    Whole Number Exponents for Integers     Parentheses

    Chapter D         Names for Numbers

    Introduction     Base Two     Base Ten     Base Sixteen     Base b Names for Integers

    Chapter E         Counting and Quantifying

    Introduction     Counting Sets     Selecting a Counting Set     Names for Counting Numbers

    Chapter F         Rational Numbers

    Introduction     Addition     Multiplication     Exponents for Rational Numbers