"Nothing more consumes a man [or woman] more than the
  passion of resentment."
-Fredrick Nietzche

      I am fond of saying, "I can choose peace instead of this." Especially when submerged in chaos or negative feelings that ratchet up from something as small as an inconsiderate action or disrespectful remark to a more serious, troubling experience.

      Choosing to say to yourself, "I can choose peace instead of this" is a very healthy treatment to quiet the mind and spirit when in turmoil. Or better yet to avoid the turmoil entirely. It is necessary to consider reacting to adverse events and people’s disrespectful, or inappropriate words or actions by putting them in their proper place: up and away from your mind and spirit.

      You deserve the beauty of peace of mind and spirit. Consider releasing anger and long held resentments. They don’t keep you safe or make you right. These negatives when felt and let go of are of little concern. But when staunchly held on to, they do grave harm to the holder. The holder loses a chunk of who they are, to what purpose? We can let it go even if someone else won’t or can’t.

      Let us choose peace. Then we profit by gaining a heart that loves and lives longer with incomparably more joy.

Mary Seyuin, M.A. LLP